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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Mexican Tile Restoration – Saltillo Tile Restoration Sarasota Florida. Best Prices on Mexican ‘Saltillo’ Tile Cleaning in Florida. We have completed over 2,600 Tile renovation projects. We started our Mexican Tile refinishing business in 1995 over 24 years ago. BETTER CAL CALL VEL..941-926-7444. email Vel at

FLOOR PROBLEMS WE CAN HELP: Mexican Tile Restoration – Saltillo Tile Restoration Efflorescence, the white spots seen on Mexican tile, comes from the back of the tile not from the top of the tile. Efflorescence is a white crystalline deposit that is composed of salts, lime and/or other minerals, see example photo above. 

These deposits may become visible on many types of building surfaces such as concrete, stucco, grout, masonry, brick, natural stone, clay, ceramic tile, Mexican tile and even wood. These salts and minerals are water-soluble and generally come from the ground up or where contentious or alkali substances exist thin set motor used to set Mexican tile.

You need to remove the source of water that gets under the tile to correct the problem. If efflorescence exists on an installed surface then strip off the sealer and rinse with an acidic cleaner, rinse with clean water, dry out and reseal. These salts and minerals are reactive to most acidic cleaners and will usually dissolve upon contact. 

Moisture migration follows the path of least resistance. Therefore, with dense surfaces such as ceramic tile, it is often found that the grout lines are more vulnerable to show efflorescence due to the higher concentrations of these deposits in those areas. 

On the other hand, Saltillo tile or Mexican tile is porous enough that moisture transmission and salt or mineral deposits can be seen throughout the entire surface. We have been in the Flooring and Tile business since 1995 starting in Panama City Fl and now Sarasota Fl. Call 941-926-7444. More information and photos of completed projects at our website www.mexicantilerenew,com

Do not ever use acid of any kind to clean your Mexican Tile and grout, acids are corrosive they will ruin any applied finish and eventually break down the clay in the Mexican tile with disastrous results.

Household products such as white vinegar, which contains about 5–20% acetic acid, should never be used on Mexican tile to clean your floor and never, ever, use muriatic acid also known as hydrochloric acid, that goes in your pool!

Mexican Tile Renew Clean and Seal Port Charlotte  to Sarasota To St Pete Fl. Florida Mexican Tile Restoration, JANUARY 3rd 2019, OUR 24th YEAR IN BUSINESS. Never “Steam Clean” Mexican tile floors or use vinegar. MEXICAN TILE WE STRIP, CLEAN & SEAL. Mexican Tile Renew Renewing Mexican Tile in Sarasota, Longboat Key, Casey Key, Nokomis, Osprey, Siesta Key, Bradenton, Anna Maria Island, St Pete, Venice, and Arcadia Since 1995. More information and photos of completed projects at our website 

Mexican Tile Renew Clean and Seal Fort Myers to Sarasota To St Pete. CALL VEL..941-926-7444. email

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